About us

We are Oana and Attila, mother and father, with kids: David, Arun and Evan. Yes, 3 boys. Yes, the last ones are twins. Yes, we almost gone mad. Oh, wait, I almost forgot about “the girl” of the family, big doggy, Blue.

what do we do and why?

We've always loved adventures. Narrow roads, moss of the fores, millions of stars from the sky. But since we have kids we acknowledged the fact that nature is an essential part of their lives and ours. Children made us parents. It seemed like a magic wave took us in another world, close to them. A world where you have no worries, no strings attached. We chose a life of freelance that puts family in center.
It's not an easy choice, it is freedom, but our pockets also are free of money :))
But you are your own boss.
Our kids learn in a Waldorf school. Together we learn also many things, we learn to feel more, to judge less, to be close to them, we learn to be parents. Because this is a job that makes you grow with your children.
We chose a caravan and we forgot the TV, we left the house untidy and we got on the ground to play with our kids. We've adopted an abandoned dog lost in the forest. We've changed our priorities and we will carry on, having fun together and discovering the world with all our senses.
We are artists and we love sensible and beautiful things. We like to laugh, to see only the half full of the glass. With 3 kids our life is a everyday comedy. They are three little crazy boys. Adults cannot cope with all that and they have to chill, to look on the bright side and just laugh.
We've decide that our life comedy is too funny not to be shared with you. This is the time our blog was born and we invite you to follow us. Thank you!

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